Change is as good as a rest…

Yep, I’m grabbing at straws but trying to keep positive; which is code for not moaning too much for fear of being punched by Claire. I had a physio appointment a few weeks ago and the good news is I haven’t done anything drastic. It appears I’ve just strained a tendon in my knee, which isn’t really dramatic or gruesome sounding enough to impress people (or explain the mild hysteria I was having). I’ll keep my mouth shut though as anything more involved would have been harder to fix and involved a longer layoff from running, so I’m very grateful it’s a fairly mild problem.

At my first visit the very nice physio gave instructions to hold off running for a few weeks (boo!), permission to go on an exercise bike a few times a week at moderate intensity (yay!) and some exercises to strengthen the tendon and also my hip muscles as that may be were the issue is (ow!). 24627078It was nice at first to raise my heart rate a little and get the blood and sweat (sorry) flowing after nearly 2 weeks of no real exercise, save some walking. I may even have burnt off one of the mince pie consumed over the festive period (just another 35 and half to go before I stop waddling). But I must admit it’s not really my thing; I find it boring, hot and boring. It just feels wrong – you’re not going anywhere but your legs hurt! Even though you can read a book during to help with the boredom it doesn’t really help, it probably makes it worse. My poor little brain can’t take it…

Thankfully I was given permission to start running last week from the physio, albeit slowly and only for half hour, but I was running. Ok, my legs seemed to have forgotten what was expected of them, I was worried the whole time my knee was going to fall off and I was going to have to crawl home and it was bloody freezing (where did that come from? And go??) but it was awesome! The knee was a little stiff after, but so was my ankles, hips, shoulder, nipples and ear after so much inactivity, so wasn’t anything sinister to worry about.

Since then I’ve been alternating between a run every 3 days and then hitting the exercise bike and my exercise routine in between. It’s not ideal obviously, but I get a running fix and can start to build my fitness up again (if slower than I’d like). Last night I even forgot about my knee for twenty minutes and just relaxed in to jogging round one of my old routes, and even nipped down a road I hadn’t been down before to explore. It reignited plans do more runs to new places and explore a bit further afield around Kent and the Saxon Shore way, when I’m back to full fitness of course.

The lovely people at Saxon, Viking and Norman Marathons & Challenges let me transfer my entry from the Jeskyns Challenge in mid-January over to the Ranscombe Spring Ramble in early April. It’s a bit bumpy (there’s two scary hills) but it’s local to us and I’ve walked round the nature reserve before and would like to see the rest of it. It’s as many laps as you can in 6 hours, so can adjust to how my recovery goes. In the end the Jeskyns Challenge was cancelled anyway, due to the poor weather and a waterlogged course, so Claire has transferred her entry to Ranscombe as well, so we will be running together which will be nice.

I’ve already got the Kent Roadrunners Marathon booked in for late May, so my race calendar for the year is slowly coming together. I’m also tempted by a run put on by our menagatelogo_v_Variation_1very own Medway council, the gloriously entitled Deangate turns Meangate, which looks like a fairly tough cross country run around a golf course. It should be a good test of my fitness, although will only probably go for the 5 mile option as don’t think I will be ready for 10 miles on trail… Then I need to decide on a race for March as well. But first things first, I need to keep up with my rehab (cautiously) and then crack on a bit and try and get back to were I was fitness-wise late last year. Oh and enjoying being able to run again.

Thanks for listening to me babble on, Happy Running all 🙂


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