Crappy crappity crap crap

My plan (ha!) was to get some quality miles in over the Christmas break, including a few long runs to be ready for my 6-hour challenge in mid-January. Well that went out of the window by the end of Boxing day – I was on the way back from a ten mile run (at my fairly gentle MAF pace) when I got a slight pain in my right knee that steadily grew worse. It started in the penultimate mile so I kept on going (I know, stupidly) and by the last half mile or so it had gone from a twinge, to a throb, to a stab. Bugger it.

running-meme2I took a day off (and ate loads of chocolate for its anti-inflammatory properties) and then went out the next day for a gentle jog with Claire. It felt fine to start but after a few miles it started to hurt again, although luckily we were only a few minutes from home so could limp back. I woke up the next day after a evening of a little stiffness (come on, you’re better than that) and could just about get down our stairs. I applied plenty of mince pies and beer in the hope that would bring the swelling down and it seemed to work. So like a drunk lemming near a particularly attractive cliff I decided to go out again to ‘test it’. Funnily enough after a few minutes of feeling a bit weird my knee started to hurt again and I was home and sulking like a trooper after only 2 miles.

Using all the restraint I could muster, and my incredible willpower honedinjurydwight over years of athletic endeavour in all weathers and against every adversity, I managed to leave my knee alone, rest up and let whatever was wrong heal. For three whole days. Then I snapped like a cheap piece of plastic and tried again (I know; I have issues) and only got about 400m before I knew I should stop. I was out for about 3 minutes and didn’t even break into a sweat. I wandered home screaming hysterically before throwing myself into a tin of Celebrations and trying to OD on sugar and E numbers (I failed at that too).

So far I have run 0.36 miles in 2016, which is really frustrating compared to where I wanted to be (having more than one leg). Almost as annoying in fact as people who’ve been giving me the ‘we told you running is bad for you’ talk. ({Applies ink to quill and adds names to the list for retribution during the Reckoning…}) Sadly I think I will have to pull out of my upcoming race, the Jeskyns Challenge, and see if the lovely people at Saxon, Vikings and Norman Marathons will let me defer to another one later in the year. Maybe a lot later, as I don’t know when this will be sorted and don’t want to rush back and knacker myself. Bumholes…

Still I’m trying to be positive – with the enforced rest I have more time to sit around weeping uncontrollably. I’ve also got a new appreciation for how important running is to me, and how lucky I’ve been to only have relatively minor niggles in the last few years I’ve been running seriously. It may also prod me into looking at other ways of getting a sweat on (calm down); maybe swimming or dusting off our old exercise bike.

I’m going to throw my morals in the bin and use the private healthcare at my work and see how bad it is. I stopped goggling the symptoms after a bit, as the wailing was distracting my colleagues. I’m going to cross my fingers, plan for the worst and hope for the best. And maybe start on those model planes that have been hiding on top of our wardrobe.

If that doesn’t work I’m sure I can find other stuff to keep me busy while I get myself sorted…


Happy running you lucky people


5 thoughts on “Crappy crappity crap crap

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