Hello world!

Or actually no-one. Just the cold emptiness of the internet, as I haven’t shared this link yet… actually hello Claire! As I will no-doubt make you look at it and go ‘Ahhhh‘ etc. until I’m satisfied my endeavour is not an entire waste of time and ego-driven bull-poo…

Anyway I’m starting this blog so I can record the next few weeks before my first Marathon (13 days to be precise) and hopefully the massive, earth-shattering triumph that will be the run itself. I want to include a bit about the runs I’ve done in the past (and the training) and all the races I’ll do in the future. Hopefully I’ll also be able to record my improvement as a runner and the hilarious adventures that will ensue. And if there’s space I’ll ramble on about any other cool stuff that is running related (or, if it’s really amazing, I’ll drop my standards and include anything at all).

I’ve tried to come up with some rules which I will fiercely follow, unless they make life difficult and then I’ll abandon them and never mention it again; no moaning about injuries or not doing well – instead it’s a Vulcan-like, emotionless recounting of what has happened and how to make things better; no freebies – unlikely to get any, but if I write it down now I can be told off by myself in the future and be able to add a footnote as proof of my loose morals; no posts just for the sake of it – nothing interesting means no posting (or posting a picture of a cute dog). And will try not to make any boring lists of things…

Right that is it, back to the day job (and sending the link to Claire).

Cheers 🙂

PS. I will also proof-read before I post (Lesson 1)


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